The Russian Martial Art of Systema is a unique approach to martial arts. There are no forms, uniforms, rankings, belt testing, or cultural training etiquette. Our lessons are just a system of training principles, concepts and processes that will enhance one’s life. These lesson leads to a complete system of fighting, optimal movement and health.


Systema training incorporates a special approach of deep breathing, somatic bodywork, and calisthenics which is not found in other martial systems. These methods train to remove physical and mental tension from the body so that the fighter is prepared to respond to an attack in a natural, relaxed way. It is through this training that our students explore and develop their full potential through self-knowledge and awareness.


When you train Systema, you train different.


Systema dates back to the 10th century. It was developed from Cossack fighting and evolved to be used by the KGB and Russian special forces.


The art integrates a unique regime of stretching, exercise, and bodywork practices which improve health and general well being.


Breath is the source of all energy in the human body. By retraining in its proper use, the body and mind can be conditioned to be calm and powerful under duress.


Systema utilizes proper biomechanics of the body, creating a powerful body structure through optimal posture. This generates effortless and powerful movements.


Movements are trained to be graceful, powerful, smooth, relaxed and efficient. Formless and natural to the body, we train optimal performance with minimal effort and strain on the body.


Systema trains the ability to relax and release tension. This allows the body to achieve peak performance with minimal effort. Relaxation creates the foundation for all defensive and offensive movements.

Directions & Class Time

Wednesday: 7:30-9:00 PM

Classes are hosted by Endurance Pilates and Yoga, in South Boston. [ Google Maps ] .


Pay as you go

Classes are only $20.00 a session. We do not require membership fees, sign-on costs, monthly tuition, or long term contracts,

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  • "I've been convinced that Systema combines all the wisdom of the Chinese Internal Martial Arts with something even more transcendent, present, and effective."

    ~ Janet Bernard ~

  • "Thorough yet made very understandable."

    ~ Dave Flam ~

  • " Mass Bay Systema is a great place to learn this refreshingly street-smart, modern and relevant fighting art."

    ~ Jon Noimjon ~